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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented upheaval around the world and ushered us to a ‘new normal’ way of conducting business to sustain ourselves through this global crisis. In several industries such as public services, healthcare, finance and retailing, businesses and organisations have had to transform how the engage with customers and clients through digital platforms. At the individual level, the way people live, work and consume has been changed and research has shown most changes would remain permanent (Kantrowitz, 2021). But there is an upside in the crisis – governments and businesses increasingly accelerate digital transformation, tapping into technologies and adopting innovative solutions specifically designed to help build smart businesses and smart cities in the post-Covid-19 world. Indeed, digital transformation has been a buzzword in the past few years, even ISI/Scopus-indexed, peer-reviewed journal Business Horizons has had a special issue about the topic (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2019). The Vietnamese government has prioritised digital transformation as a key strategy for Vietnam to fully exploit the opportunities offered by the technology revolution and attain sustainable socio-economic development. In the coming months and years, businesses that can capitalise on digital technologies and smart solutions will thrive in the new normal.

ICB 2021 welcomes papers in areas of Business, Management, Economics, Finance, Technology and Social Sciences, although we encourage submissions dealing with (but not limited to) the following themes and sub-themes:

List of topics and trach chairs

Digital Transformation and smart business

Smart Business for Smart City

Customer Experience Revisited – Kieu Anh Tai (HCMC Open University)

Multi-disciplinary and multi-level integration in developing Smart Business and Smart City – Trinh Tu Anh (University of Economics HCMC)

Operational Agility and Business Model Revisited – Nguyen Quynh Mai (Van Lang University)

Emerging Data-driven Smart Business and Smart City – Trinh Tu Anh (University of Economics HCMC)

Culture and Leadership in Digital Transformation – Trinh Thuy Anh (HCMC Open University)


Workforce Enablement – Nguyen The Khai (HCMC Open University)

Digital Technology Integration / Applications for Sustainable Development (AI, machine learning, blockchain, fintech…) – Pham Ha (HCMC Open University)

Service Resurgence – Nguyen Hoang Sinh (HCMC Open University)

Funding and financial resources – Pham Ha (HCMC Open University)

Business Opportunity: Technology as a tool –Le Nhat Hanh (Angelina) (University of Economics HCMC)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Trinh Viet Dung (International University, VNU HCM)

We also welcome topics related to proposed fields